Issues found with G/Technology and NetWorks and Windows 10 - Fall Creators Edition 1809

Posted on Nov 28, 2018  

After installing the Windows 10 2018 Fall Creators Edition update 1809, the G/Technology and NetWorks products do not work correctly.  We have seen the previous error of “Provider cannot be found.  It may not be properly installed.”  This can be resolved with the reg file included in this article. 

Another issue seen is the error, “Length of NEW column PLACEMENT cannot be zero” when selecting any feature to display in Feature Explorer.

Other workflows in G/Technology which may have problems after updating to Windows 10 1809 are:

  • Select Feature
  • New Job
  • Find->????->Criteria
  • New Feature
  • Validate Job Edits
  • Create Design Area
  • Edit Job Properties
  • Edit Tool
  • Identify Last Feature Placed
  • Measure
  • Pole Moment and Guying
  • Field Inspection
  • Simple Query
  • Ad-Hoc Query
  • Load Images
  • Edit Common attributes

This is not a comprehensive list, so other workflows may be affected.

As of now, we only have one solution which is for the error, “Provider cannot be found.  It may not be properly installed.”  As with the other Windows updates, a registry entry is removed which is required for G/Technology to run.  The reg file has been included as an attachment.  However, as with all registry changes, please make sure that someone who is familiar with registry editors is making the change.  Making changes to the registry improperly can damage the computer configuration.  A reinstall of G/Technology is not required for this change.

The other error messages are being investigated. Currently, we do not have a resolution for the other issues.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure recommends that G/Technology and NetWorks customers do not install the Windows 10 Fall Creators edition 1809 update.  

This notice is posted on the support web site as well as our forums.  Please check back for updates.
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