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Welcome to the Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure licensing resources page. This site is also a reference site for the Hexagon Geospatial products.

Contained in these pages is information regarding how to generate run-time licenses for both Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Hexagon Geospatial products, resolve common issues with licensing, downloadable tools to assist you, and the forms required for various licensing activities.  The Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Hexagon Geospatial product lines currently use two main licensing vendors software, Reprise and Flexera.

Both Reprise and Flexera based licensing provide unique keys used to activate the run-time licenses.  All are case sensitive so it is critical you enter it exactly as it was delivered to you.  The Reprise .aky file and/or the Flexera License Authentication Code (LAC) was included in either the download email or in the media shipment.  If you cannot find your key, please contact your local customer support or send an email to and include your complete company name, Site ID (if known), and order number and PO (if known).

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is transitioning to a new run-time license vendor, Reprise Software.  Reprise licensed products allow automatic license activation from within the product as well as manual activation.  

If you do not have external internet access, you can request your Reprise run-time license here.  

These products currently use Reprise Licensing:

  • EdgeFrontier version 6.4
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) 9.4
    • I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, I/Net Viewer, I/Net Dispatcher, Mobile for Public Safety, and Mobile Responder
  • G/Technology 10.2.2
  • NetWorks 1.1

For more information on Reprise Licensing, please review the topics under Reprise in the Documentation tab below.

These products use Flexera’s LAC based licensing:

  • Geospatial, includes IMAGINE, APOLLO, GeoMedia WebMap, Smart Client, SDI, Portal, Essentials, Advantage and Professional (versions 2013 and higher)
  • G/Technology (versions 10.2.1 and earlier)
  • GeoMedia Add-ons, includes GeoMedia GI Toolkit, I/Incident Analyst, GeoMedia 3D, GeoMedia Mapping Manager, GeoMedia VPF
  • Security, includes these products only: EdgeFrontier (versions 6.2 and 6.3)  I/Map Editor (all versions)
  • Terrashare (all versions)
  • Video Analyst (all versions)
  • Click HERE to generate your LAC based run-time license for any products.

Customers of Hexagon Geospatial Distributors, please request license files from your Hexagon Geospatial distributor. Only your distributor can issue your license files.

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