InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing

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Posted on Dec 6, 2016

Has anyone else on InService 9.3 experienced an issue where the outage icons do not display on new outage events?  We are able to see the icons after we update the outage event or after we refresh CAD.

Thanks in advance

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RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in response to: Scott Phillips

We've had this issue in 9.2 for quite some time.  I'll be opening up an SR for it:

Whenever the user logs into I/Dispatcher, it has to be followed up with a Refresh CAD for all information to display.  Immediately after logging  in:
* the Completed Jobs monitor is empty.
* the Job Status Info column does not display Info icons.

Performing a Refresh CAD corrects the issues.

RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in response to: ssawicki

Steve, I believe your issue was based on how you'all have your machines defined in Terminal Nodes, and your 'Node Up' method for Logging In to IDispatcher on a daily/shift-ly basis.  The initial Refresh CAD after login was a workaround to see the OMS-related fields populated in the Monitors, and there was a CR filed during your 9.2 Upgrade (1-EPN339) for this behavior, and Siebel shows it as fixed in MR4 and MR5, as well as 9.3 MR1.  What version of OMS_DISP are you running when you observe this behavior?

Scott, which 'outage icons' are you referring to in your description?  The map event flags?  or the Call symbols? (or something else perhaps?).  The map event flags should be visible based on Define Node (Terminal Node) agency/dgroup settings, and teh Call Symbols can be toggled on/off via the View/Display > Symbol Display command in IDispatcher, and can update the default/automatic display levels on/off in cad > OMS_SymbolVisibility.

RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Jan 5, 2017 in response to: dcbennet

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delayed reply.  I was out of the office.  Maybe I should have referred to the outage bitmaps instead of icons.  These are the symbols on the map that are associated with our event types.  In our system, we display a "C" for a service level outage, a "T" for a transformer outage, a "L" for a line fuse outage, a "R" for a recloser outage, etc.  These symbols are not displaying when a new outage is created.  The symbol will display after the outage is updated or after we either refresh CAD or sign off then sign back on to IDispatcher.

RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Jan 6, 2017 in response to: Scott Phillips

Scott, I'm still not clear on if this is a customized event flag symbol (that might show a custom T, F, L bitmap right next to the event number on the map)?  or the call bitmap icon (by default a yellow X, that perhaps is now a T, F, L, etc.)?

If Refresh CAD-SignOff/On gets desired results, that's typically an indicator of a Listener/packet issue (as a Refresh/SignOff/On re-synchs everything with the database itself).  You may want to recycle Listener on your IDisp client and the BC/TA server).

RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Jan 6, 2017 in response to: dcbennet

Chris, it's not the call bitmap.  It's the event symbols next to the event number on the map.  We already recycled listener as well as refreshed CAD and restarted IDispatcher but we cannot ask our production operators to continually refresh CAD to see the event symbols on the map.  During larger storms, our operators begin working primarily from the IDispatcher map to avoid crossing trouble resources on outages.  The symbols on the map help our operators to work more effeciently.

RE: InService 9.3 Outage Icons Missing
Posted on Jan 9, 2017 in response to: Scott Phillips

Thanks for clarifying it's the Event symbol itself and not the Call bitmap.  After some internal discussions, looks like Intergraph Canada has seen this as well, and after reproducing it locally, Rick has filed a CR Patch Request for you (1-UPN59B) on this.  Latest Note in Siebel shows it being referred to the core CAD Dev folks for review.

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