Completed Jobs on Mobile TC when out of Verizon Coverage

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Posted on Jun 28, 2016

One of our Serviceman reported to me that the behavior of completed jobs has changed since the MobileTC version upgrade that took place late last year. Formerly, when a serviceman was out of cell service and completed a job, the job went to the Outbox and was removed from the active or pending jobs list. Since the upgrade (according to Brian), now when a serviceman completes an order without a Verizon connection, it increments the number of items in the Outbox but it also remains in the list of jobs shown on the Jobs tab. He says all his comments are there, all of the information is filled in, but it continues to display in the Jobs list until connectivity is restored and the Outbox empties out. He said he heard another serviceman talking about this issue on the radio yesterday, which is what prompted him to come report it to me. Mobile TC Version 09.02.0000.04067

Has anyone heard of this?!?

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RE: Completed Jobs on Mobile TC when out of Verizon Coverage
Posted on Jun 29, 2016 in response to: Joel Getz

This issue is fixed in 9.2.MR5 (build 5038) as part of the CR 1-K8W5JN

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