Knowing the levels of a cad file takes a long time

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Posted on Jun 6, 2017

Good morning, We are using a CAD connection to load the levels of a CAD file in a combobox by "GRecordset". Our issue is this process takes a long time because the CAD file has 300.000 elements and It can not be used "DISTINCT" in the sql statement. is there other way to know the levels of a CAD file by code?

This is our code:

string[] cadFileLevels = { };

int cadFileLevelNumber = 0;

Intergraph.GeoMedia.PClient.GDatabase gDatabase = cadConnection.Database as Intergraph.GeoMedia.PClient.GDatabase;

Intergraph.GeoMedia.PClient.GRecordset gRecordset = gDatabase.OpenRecordset("SELECT ElementLevelName FROM AllElements", null, null, null, null, null);

if (gRecordset.RecordCount > 0)




while (!gRecordset.EOF)




if (Array.IndexOf(cadFileLevels, gRecordset.GFields["ElementLevelName"].Value.ToString()) < 0)


Array.Resize<string>(ref cadFileLevels, cadFileLevels.Length + 1);

cadFileLevels[cadFileLevelNumber] = (gRecordset.GFields["ElementLevelName"].Value == DBNull.Value ? string.Empty : gRecordset.GFields["ElementLevelName"].Value.ToString());



} catch { }





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