Updates to events after the event is closed

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Posted on Apr 18, 2016

Has anyone found a workaround to make IFCADEventReports continue after an event is closed? On occasion someone updates a closed event but IFCAD doesn't send an IFCADEventReport because the event is no longer active.

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RE: Updates to events after the event is closed
Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in response to: bwhitezel

Edited my original response...

In this case, ICAD intentionally does not issue CAD Listener messages when a closed event is modified/updated.  So therefore IFCAD never hears about it, and it doesn't get sent to the CCEF (CAD Connect) System.

We're trying to think about whether there are any possible “workarounds”/”customizations” to do what  you would like to do. One idea is to maybe set up a database trigger that would catch situations like this, and the action for that trigger could do something that EdgeFrontier is able to detect (like send an message over TCP).  Then within EF they could request the IFCADEventReport for the report. 


RE: Updates to events after the event is closed
Posted on Apr 21, 2016 in response to: Jack Williams

Right now we have a system in place that helps us see what has been missed and then we've implemented a mechanism to requeue any event that has been updated that we didn't see come through EF after the update. To do this, we basically look at a DB table on our side where we've brought event data over in a warehouse type manner and see if any event has a more recent udtx than what we have for it. If so, we requeue it. Right now we are seeing about 1-5 events per hour. Before some of the recent fixes to IFCADDirect that number was much higher. So we do have a work around for now and I see that there is an item in the EdgeFrontier 6.3 MR4 issues resolved regarding a fix for it dropping messages. It will be fun to see how much better the numbers are once we can start using that version. We can't at this time because it has to be installed on a box with .net 4.6 but IFCADDirect can't be on a box with 4.6.

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