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MPS Performance Issues
Posted on Aug 18, 2016


We have been running MPS 9.2 MR5 for a year now and just migrated away from the last I/Mobile laptop 3 months ago.

In the past few months we have been having widepsread reports of MPS performance being terrible. It will freeze or slow right down.

We are using LTE modems with what should be plenty of bandwidth. Athough we share the public network and have no guaranteed QOS.

When on the Patrol Dashboard and the vehicle is moving, MPS will hang or performance will be significantly decreased. Often users will be unable to type in the vehicle plate text box (labeled "LIC").

Workflow: They type in the plate, change the province if necessary and press "Enter". In most cases they are not pressing "Traffic Stop". This is different and automatically creates an event and assigns the unit to it. If they are able to type in a license plate and hit enter the Informer results can take 3-5 minutes to come back and the target vehicle is long gone. When the unit is stationary results are returned in seconds.

The Patrol Dashboard Event List:  This list shows the 6 events in closest proximity to the unit as the crow flies. F9 takes you to the patrol Dashboard and refreshes it when you are on it.

Members believe that because the unit is moving and GPS is updating, this list is constantly updating causing the Patrol Dashboard to be unusable.


What we have tried:

HSI suggested patching I/MDT and UEDelta which we did. There was no improvement.

We changed the report interval for UEDelta from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. There was no improvement so we changed it back.

We got a javascript change for the PatrolDashboad.htm file that checked for GPS updates every 15 seconds rather than on every update. There was no improvement.


Now HSI is suggesting changes to turn off UEDelta and GPS to isolate which may be the problem.


Hs anyone else had similar problems, and if so, have you found a solution?





Winnipeg Police Service

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