I/Security Framework Server

Security Framework – Server product provides the foundation server components that are prerequisites for the I/AlarmPlus, I/Sight, and I/Sensor products.This product includes the adaptor core, I/Security Alarm adapter, and the I/Security Target adapter, but no specific third-party adaptors. Multiple instances of the adaptor core are included in the framework price to be used as needed for multiple third-party adaptors. The I/Security Framework Server product includes the Sensor Message Bridge (SMB), a message translation and communication component that interfaces with the alarm adapter. The SMB provides an interface that accepts alarms from an external source into the Security Framework through the I/Security Alarm Adapter. The Sensor Message Bridge (SMB) must be configured to communicate with an instance of the Security Framework. Multiple SMB instances can be installed and configured to communicate with a single I/Security Framework license.

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