I/SCADA Interface (I/SCADA) is a server-based program that enables InService to use information from a utility’s real-time monitoring system, such as a Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.  This information aids in the analysis of outage calls and the creation of outage events. InService is able to request specific information from the customer’s SCADA system and to accept unsolicited information in real time.


Using the I/SCADA interface allows the server to receive notifications from the OLE for Process Control (OPC) object.  These notifications indicate value changes in the OPC items.  The OPC items are typically associated with actual SCADA devices. The Trouble Analysis application can also request the current status of devices from the I/SCADA interface.


The I/SCADA interface uses the OPC COM interfaces version 1.0A from the OPC Foundation.  The current I/SCADA implementation uses AXS4-ICCP Software Development Kit provided by SISCO, Inc.

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