I/MARS (Management Analysis Reporting System)

I/Management Analysis and Reporting System - Client

I/MARS-C provides the client graphic user interface (viewer) to the I/MARS system to select predefined reports, charts, graphs, and maps. The user may provide selection criteria and the appropriate output is produced. I/MARS-C allows the user to see multiple views of the same information at the same time   

I/Management Analysis and Reporting System - Server

I/Management Analysis and Reporting System - Server is a generalized management tool that facilitates the generation of operational and service performance reports. It is also a crime analysis and incident analysis tool that performs spatial queries and provides a geographic reporting perspective. It is used to geographically analyze the distribution of requests for service by time of day and response time. Analysis is used in the creation of deployment plans for varying the number of available resources at different times of the day and week. I/MARS accesses data in the I/CAD or RMS database and maximizes the use of Microsoft Excel and Access to allow the casual user to employ a PC to access data and execute queries. Query results can be presented in a map report, spreadsheet, or graph view. Selected datasets can be automatically exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.