• Distribution Network Analysis provides the tools needed to extend power systems analysis by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing distribution network operations using a combination of real time and historical data for analysis
    • Power Flow Analysis provides real-time load flow awareness
    • Fault Location (FLOC)
      • InService and FLOC work together to quickly determine the probable location of electrical faults in the distribution network
      • Evaluates real-time data received from the feeder breaker or recloser, fault relays, and the feeder breaker’s response to trial switching operations.
    •    Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR)
      • Defines switching actions that enable the operator to efficiently isolate faulted areas of the network and restore service to customers on un-faulted feeder sections, even before repair work begins.
    •    Volt/VAR optimizes the network
      •  Controls the state of capacitors and step transformers

Allows the voltages and reactive power flows in the network to be optimized



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