Advanced Restoration Time

InService Advanced Restoration Time (ART) is an optional component used to provide more accurate restoration times over the life cycle of an outage. ART will provide more accurate initial restoration times by considering real time factors, such as available crews and their current location, and the number and type of current open outage jobs. And ART will continually monitor restoration times and update as conditions change.

The application will alert Dispatchers before restoration times expire, providing the option to manually or automatically extend the restoration time. ART will also automatically update restoration times based on crew drive time using street level routing capability, and will recognize when the crew arrives at the job and restoration work has begun.  Options within ART will provide maximum flexibility for customers to tailor the generation of restoration times to their unique needs, utilizing variables such as weather, job types, crew types, pending job scan rates and expiration settings, and future resource allocations. The application is run through the Interface Service Manager (ISM).

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