Intergraph NetWorks WebMap Tile Service

A WMTS service makes geospatial data available as a set of pre-rendered map tiles, which provides fast read-only access to the data. The service also allows you to retrieve feature attributes and geometry for a feature by specifying a view point in the tile where the feature is visible.

NetWorks WMTS services support version 1.0.0 of the standard OGC WMTS specification. Any client application using the 1.0.0 WMTS standard can consume a NetWorks WMTS service.

The NetWorks WMTS service implements the required GetCapabilities and GetTile methods, and it fully implements the optional GetFeatureInfo method with the same functionality as the NetWorks WMS service. The tile images returned by the GetTile method have the same fidelity as the G/Technology desktop application. The image tiles returned are optimized to either 8 bit or 24 bit PNG files depending on the color depth requirements of the rendered G/Technology data.

The NetWorks WMTS service supports one well-known scale set, GoogleMapsCompatible (urn:ogc:def:wkss:OGC:1.0:GoogleMapsCompatible). This scale set allows the NetWorks WMTS service map tiles to overlay base maps from Google, Bing, or Open Street Maps. Since many G/Technology features only display at the smaller display scale (Example: below 1:500), the well-known scale set definition is extended to have four more zoom levels. The tile size is fixed at 256 X 256 pixels, and the coordinate system must be EPSG 3857.