Intergraph NetWorks Portal

Intergraph NetWorks Portal is a portal template built on top of Hexagon Geospatial’s Geospatial Portal. It can quickly establish a web site that exposes G/Technology network data to a wide variety of users, including capabilities that enable end-users to perform asset review and correction.  Leveraging the G/Technology metadata, users experience the rich presentation of the asset data and related assets in an easily navigated UI. Given the appropriate permissions, users can also apply updates to attribute data, and create additional records such as history data, equipment attachments and hyperlinks.

Being built on top of Hexagon’s Geospatial Portal, it contains all of the capabilities of the underlying product.  Hexagon’s Geospatial Portal is a browser-based, multilingual web application that can be used for finding, viewing, querying, analyzing and consuming geospatial data via web services published by any OGC-compliant provider, including Intergraph NetWorks WFS and WMS. It offers advanced client-side discovery, connection, and interaction through a simple client geo-browser to provides an intuitive and attractive user experience.  Hexagon Geospatial Portal includes an option of a client SDK for developing custom and hybrid applications.