InService Outage Notification

InService Outage Notifications is an optional component used to process Outage Notifications and Planned Outage Notifications, generating configurable XML notification(s), email(s), and tweet(s). This allows Utilities to notify their customers when outage conditions are changing near real time.

The application provides you with the capability of notifying users, via XML notification messages in WebSphere or a directory folder, as well as email(s), and tweet(s). These notifications are configurable and can contain numerous details like estimated repair times, the number of customers effected, planned backup times, cancelations, and outage restorations.

Outage Notifications also features the ability to manage planned outages.  Well in advance of the outage, a user can indicate when the outage will begin and end, as well as a backup rain date, how many days prior to the event should a notification be created and if an additional reminder is required as the event date nears.

Options within I/Dispatcher provide the ability to enable and disable these notifications. The application is run through the Interface Service Manager (ISM). The content of the messages and when they are generated are configurable via the CADDBM application.

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