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The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Interface is an optional component used to enhance outage determination and aid in the verification of service restoration. The component allows Operators to ping AMI-enabled meters for service level outages and receive responses from those meters indicating whether the meter has power. If the meter has power, the Operator does not need to dispatch a crew to validate the outage since the outage no longer exists and the Operator can cancel the event. If the meter does not have power, a crew will be dispatched to confirm the outage. This feature allows the System and Operators to perform various functions:

  • System automatically pings meters on event creation for single customer/transformer outages and returns the results of the pings
  • System automatically pings a selected sample of meters to verify outage restoration when an event is closed and returns the results of the pings
  • Operator can manually search on a single event, device, meter or premise and from the returned query results the Operator can review and select which meters to ping
  • System determines if outages were created from a customer call or a meter ping notification
  • Meter notification calls are displayed via a symbol on the map; the symbol display can be turned off
  • Operator can create meter calls/outages based on meter ping responses
  • Operator can cancel predicted calls/outages if the returned ping indicates that the meter has power
  • System automatically provides a view of all unsolicited meter messages such as last gasp; this feature can be turned on or off on a system-wide basis
  • Operator will have a visual indicator to know whether the system-wide view for unsolicited messages is turned on
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