The Video Responder product allows OnCall Dispatch users to integrate video into the public safety workflow by viewing live video, making it easier to spot potential problems and decide how to respond efficiently and effectively.  Video Responder enhances situational awareness and provides a powerful tool to aid first responders and incident commanders with “eyes-on-the-scene” from the OnCall dispatch seat during an incident. 
Video Responder helps remove the guessing and confusion that surrounds initial reporting by radio, text or other non-visual means during an emergency.  Being able to visually assess the current situation as it unfolds clears the "fog of war" that adds confusion and indecision when seconds count; it provides a real-time view of the scene which eliminates uncertainties, thereby resulting in more accurate dispatch and swifter response times.  When time is of the essence, a real-time video view of the situation can mean the difference between life and death.
Key functions of Video Responder include:

  • Ability to show camera icons on OnCall Dispatch map
  • Play a live video feed from the map or the Video Board
  • Identify cameras that are near an incident within a configurable range
  • Define camera groups
  • Filter the display of cameras