HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Mobile Responder

HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Tracker accepts incoming Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data directly from a GPS device, location servers or mobile data devices.  HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Tracker functions as an extension to the dispatch environment, periodically updating vehicle and personnel locations in OnCall maps and monitors.

Supported Protocols
 ·         NMEA
 ·         TAIP
 ·         OpenSky
 ·         BlueTree
 ·         Sierra Wireless RNAP

Supported GPS Devices
 ·         Devices running Mobile Responder or other Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure mobile clients
 ·         Radios transmitting GPS data in the following message formats
   o  Trimble TAIP messages, UDP connection
   o  NMEA messages, UDP connection
   o  OpenSky messages, UDP connection
    § Harris GPS Radio Types M-803, M5300, M7200, M7300, P5400, P5500,     P7200 transmit OpenSky GLR1/GLP1 messages over UDP
   o  OMA/MLP (web service)

Product Information
  • Current Version:  1909
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