HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Fire Link Interface

OnCall Dispatch | Fire Link interfaces with third-party Fire Records Management Systems (FRMS), facilitating the automatic transfer of event and unit information from OnCall Dispatch to the external system at periodic intervals as follows:
·         Event information is generated when the first unit’s status changes to that specified by the user.  Valid status changes include Dispatch, Enroute, OnScene, Transport, Transport Arrive and Clear.
·         Unit information is generated for each unit whose status changes to that specified by the user.  More than one status can be specified for sending unit information.
·         Event information that includes event closing data, is generated when the event is closed.
The Fire Link Interface is available in three options (if using more than one option, then a separate Fire Link Interface is required for each option):
·         Vendor-defined XML output to FIREHOUSE Software by ESO
·         Vendor-defined TCP/IP interface to ZOLL RescueNet FireRMS
·         Standard XML output for all other FRMS vendors

Product Information
  • Current Version:  2009
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