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HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Mobile Unit

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Mobile Unit is a browser-based client of HxGN OnCall Dispatch optimized for in-vehicle use. It enables first responders to follow live operations via event and unit monitors, run searches and queries, receive events and alerts from the control room, and self-attach to events.   Mobile Unit extends HxGN OnCall Dispatch capabilities to in-unit devices, delivering exceptional UX and operational data. It offers role-based workflows, screen layouts for smaller form factors, and night time and high-contrast display.  Mobile Unit enables users to monitor live operations, run searches and queries, receive events and alerts, self-attach to events, update status and event information, message, and make, update, and cancel tow requests. Agencies can easily configure Mobile Unit using the same simplified administration tools for office-based clients
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Current Version:  1906
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