HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Informer

OnCall | Informer is comprised of user dialogs and service components. The service components are:

  • A module that runs in the OnCall environment,
  • A provider that directly interfaces to external systems, and
  • A bridge that handles communication between the two.

These services are orchestrated to route requests and responses between OnCall and the external systems. External systems commonly supported include state and national information databases, like the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) in the United States.

The services are architected so the module, bridge and provider can be configured to run in the cloud or on-premise.  For example, OnCall and the module could be configured to run in the cloud with the bridge and provider configured to run on-premise to facilitate communications with the external systems.

The user dialogs are a standard feature that work within OnCall | Essentials and OnCall | Advantage.  When configured, these dialogs present the OnCall user with an Informer Message view that will allow them to submit requests and view responses.  The dialogs component also supports a command line interface from within the OnCall Dispatch products.  A set of configurable OnCall dialogs are provided which are used to collect request data and submit it to external systems.

Product Information
  • Current Version:  2009
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