HxGN OnCall Dispatch - RESTAPI

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | RestAPI provides direct interaction with OnCall via an industry standard REST API. It delivers a secure and convenient way for third party applications to pass data into and request information from the system. The OnCall | RestAPI is designed to lessen the impact of an OnCall upgrade on the third-party services using it.  The OnCall | RestAPI web calls can be made by almost any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

OnCall | RestAPI also delivers and works in conjunction with the OnCall CAD Notification Service (CNS) (feature included with OnCall).  Like the OnCall | RestAPI the CNS can be consumed and used by almost any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

 The following is a partial list of functions currently available via the OnCall | RestAPI (full list available in product documentation):

  •         UpdateEvent – Updates properties on a specific event
  •         Cancel – Cancel an event
  •         CreateEvent – Creates an event based on given parameters
  •         Preempt – Return an event to pending if it is in Dispatch Assign, Hold, Awaiting Closure or Agreed Response state
  •         locationVerify – Address will be verified against all the providers set up in the system
  •         ChangeStatus – Change the status of the unit to a predefined or user defined status.
  •         Logoff – logoff a unit.
  •         AddEmployeeToUnit – Add an employee to a unit
Product Information
  • Current Version:  2009
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