OnCall | PTT (Push to Talk) interfaces to a radio system controller over a network connection (TCP/IP) or a serial (RS-232) connection to provide PTT information to a dispatcher workstation.  Each time a radio unit in the field transmits to the dispatch environment, the identification of the transmitting unit is displayed within Call Dispatch.  OnCall | PTT also supports a Unit Emergency signal from a PTT radio.
The following radio systems are supported with OnCall | PTT:
·         Motorola MCC7500 – MCC7500 Console
·         Motorola Centracom (being replaced by the MCC7500) – Centracom Gold Elite (MCGE) Console
·         Motorola Sims II – SIMS II CADI
To support redundancy, the radio system controller must support multiple connections (one from each OnCall | PTT).  This is done through network connections (TCP/IP) or by multiple physical connections (RS-232).

Product Information
  • Current Version:  2009
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