HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Notifications

OnCall | Notifications provide connectivity between the dispatching environment and multiple internal and external Communication endpoints. It allows for the definition of customer specific rules for notifying interested parties based on activities in the CAD system.  These include a third-party paging controller, email application and SMS text.  Dependent on the protocol supported by the system, OnCall | Notifications use either TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Paging Protocol), SNPP level 1 (Simple Network Paging Protocol), SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), or WCTP (Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol).

This product serves as an extension to the OnCall Dispatch functionality. Alphanumeric messages and/or tone pages can be transmitted from the dispatch environment over the third-party paging terminal to the destination paging unit. OnCall | Notifications must be customized to adapt to the third-party paging terminal available.

Notifications may be sent through the OnCall messaging system, which supports group messaging and logs messages sent, or may be sent automatically when a unit is dispatched to an event.

Product Information
  • Current Version:  2009
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