HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Fire Station Printing

The OnCall | Fire Station Printing server product provides support for remote fire station turnout by printing run cards when units from a station are dispatched.  The product can also be configured to print incident summary reports when units from a station are cleared from an incident.
OnCall | Fire Station Printing interfaces with standard Windows printing.
Configuration Issues:
Networked PC with an Attached Printer or Networked Printer
The printer may be connected to a PC that is on the OnCall network or it may be a standalone printer directly connected to the OnCall network. In either case the printer should be dedicated to printing run-cards since there is no provision for interrupting the printer to print a run-card if it is being used for other purposes.
Each distinct implementation to a different controller requires a separate copy of OnCall | Fire Station Printing and the associated services.
Software Pre-Requisites:
·         IPS3042 EdgeFrontier Runtime Engine

Product Information
  • Current Version:  2003
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