Intergraph NetWorks Fiber - Advantage

Intergraph NetWorks® Fiber - Advantage expands upon Intergraph NetWorks Foundation to provide web service capabilities for accessing data specific to fiber optic network workflows from a G/Technology Fiber Optic Works® data source.  The web services can be used to develop web-based end-user workflows.

Intergraph Networks Fiber – Advantage supports following APIs:

  1. Retrieve general fiber feature data with the ability to filter the return payload based on the type (relationship, material, etc.) of data needed.
  2. Return a list of fiber features along with the type and super type.
  3. Retrieve data for the Splice Connections view for any Splice Connections bearing feature.
  4. Retrieve data for the Containment view.
  5. Return the closest graphical ancestor for any given fiber feature.
  6. Return a list of supported editors for a given fiber feature.
  7. Generate Fiber Usage report.
  8. Generate Fiber Path report.