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HxGN OnCall Analytics - Dispatch Advantage


HxGN OnCall Analytics | Dispatch Advantage offers complete dispatch data visualization and analytics capabilities for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision-making. Ideal for larger data sets, Dispatch Advantage delivers comprehensive reporting and analysis features and reports, including live operational data.  It provides pre-built, paginated, and visual content for assessing, reporting, and optimizing critical emergency response tasks. With it, agencies can supervise events, align resources to meet demand in the PSAP or field, monitor performance, conduct post-event reviews and investigations, manage tow requests and providers, and more. The solution features:

  • Full dispatch data warehouse with 17 subject-area data models
  • 24 paginated report templates for use with Microsoft SSRS Report Builder
  • 19 visual report templates for use with Microsoft Power BI
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Current Version:  02.00.00
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