HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Backup

HxGN OnCall | Backup server product provides support for maintaining one or more near real-time backups of an OnCall database server using periodic updates.  The backup servers can be located at the same site or a remote site.  The backups can be used for reporting or to offload some types of queries from the production database.

To maintain optimum query performance on the production database it is also necessary to periodically purge older inactive data.  To meet this requirement and at the same time maintain the capability to query historic data many customers maintain an archive server.  An archive server can contain a much larger amount of data than the production server.  The archive server will contain the current data that is in the production database plus older data that is no longer available in the production database.

OnCall | Backup is specifically designed to facilitate the purging of older data from the production database and the merging of new or updated data from the production database into the archive database.  This capability is unique to OnCall | Backup and is not provided by database vendors solutions.  Database vendor backups of the production database will not contain historical data that has been purged from the production database.