HxGN OnCall Records - Jail

HxGN OnCall Records - Jail supports the management of jail functions. OnCall Records - Jail requires OnCall Records Server and works in conjunction with OnCall Records. OnCall Records - Jail shares the database with OnCall Records so information can be shared.by both applications. OnCall Records - Jail provides a browser-based interface with the following functionality. 

  • Separate Booking Modules for Juveniles and Adults.  Booking records all intake processing, detention, hold, medical screening, inmate property, phone call, transport, and release data pertaining to an inmate booking.
  • Inmate and Jail Standard reports
  • Inmate Housing Recommendations and Cell Capacity 
  • Inmate Assessment and Classification
  • Inmate Charge Capture and Tracking
  • Inmate Checks and Incident Involvements 
  • Mass Inmate Movements
  • Inmate Funds Management 
  • Management of Inmate Work Release Programs 
  • Inmate and Jail Standard Reports
  •        Sentencing Calculations
  •        Keep separate Functionality
  •        Release Process
  •        Inmate property
  •        Disciplinary
  •  Scheduling Events records and track events scheduled for inmates, such as medical appointments, special visitors, bedding changes, AA meetings, GED training, church services, cell changes, and so forth.
  • Integrated with Master Names
  • Weekenders/Split Sentencing
  •  Classification
  •  Reporting
  • Jail Log
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