HxGN OnCall® Planning & Response is web application for managing major incidents and events. It can be deployed by individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command. Integrating and coordinating resources, procedures, and communication across roles, organizations, and stages of operation, HxGN OnCall® Planning & Response comprehensively fulfils incident command system requirements.  HxGN OnCall Planning & Response enables safe, efficient, and effective management of major incidents and events. Providing a single, unifying solution for all needs and stages of operation, it enables diverse responders to operate as coherent teams with common purpose and direction. HxGN OnCall Planning & Response’ web client is easy to deploy across sites and organizations with unambiguous terminology that ensures consistent understanding of situations, strategies, and tasks. Offering fast, efficient transition between phases and command, and the ability to monitor and adapt all aspects of operations, it ensures teams maintain control, even in rapidly changing conditions

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