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G/Technology Fiber Optic Works products enable the design and management of fiber optic communications infrastructure for public and private utilities, communications providers, and municipalities and state agencies. As an add-on to the base G/Technology infrastructure management product family, G/Technology Fiber Optic Works meets the need for an enterprise fiber management environment that supports workflows that span the organization.

Users can view the resulting fiber network and details about each cable and device from the G/Technology Fiber Optic Works Designer and Analyst seats, with the G/Technology Fiber Optic Works Designer seat providing edit capabilities for fiber network design and maintenance.

Also available are G/Technology Fiber Optic Works NetViewer and MobileViewer.  Users who occasionally need to view the fiber network can use Fiber Optic Works NetViewer over their local area network (LAN).  Disconnected users who need to view the fiber network can use Fiber Optic Works MobileViewer in a stand-alone mode with a subset of the total service territory loaded.

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Current Version:  1.4.1903
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