Ricoh printers and G/Net Plot

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We are moving to Ricoh printers but there appears to be an issue printing to them from G/Net Plot.  We use network print servers and the printers are defined in our GDR_GNVPRINTERS table.  The print queues for the Ricoh printers are defined using the Ricoh universal driver.  When one of the Ricoh printers is selected the print shows up in the print queue for the printer then disappears.  If we define a print queue for the Ricoh printer using the HP universal driver things print, but we lose some functionality.  We are only seeing this problem when G/Net Plot is involved.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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RE: Ricoh printers and G/Net Plot
Posted 361 days ago in response to: dcmathias

Changing printers and printer drivers can cause a lot of testing.

Even in an environment, that has been running for years without problems.

I'm also having issues with HP Universal Driver - PCL (it will only provide B/W-print – on our new color-printers.

PostScript-drivers seems to be better at communicating with the physical printer when it comes to selecting the correct tray/paper size, colors.

But PostScript-drivers can be more sensitive - if you for example have a symbol font, that has a space in the symbol name or just a long name (I have reduced ours to have less than 12 characters (and no spaces!) – and now it seems to work). At least on a smaller piece of paper (A4). There’s still work to be done with bigger sheets.

Luckily – the updated font doesn’t affect any legend-setting. And it seems to be enough to install it on our Netplot-server for now.

I've installed the most important printers directly on our G/Netplot-server.

I had the need to test/change some printer driver settings – and I didn’t want to interfere with other print systems. I also needed to test other printer drivers for the same device.

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