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Posted on Sep 13, 2019

into patroldashboard.htm, it is possible to increase number of events displayed by changing "padsize" value.

by default, it's 6 and in our config we have 10.

Is there any issues other than scrolling bar if we increase it again (to 20 for example)?

Performances will not be affected?

And if we want to have all events displayed, can we use a padsize value like 99999

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RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted on Sep 13, 2019 in response to: jlachance

At some point performance will become an issue, but going up to a couple dozen is not likely to cause an issue. (The calculation of Proximity is one thing that takes some time.)

RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 212 days ago in response to: Chip Patton

Hi Chip, 

you're right, the claculation of proximity takes "a lot" of cpu time so user feels like it's monitor is frozen.

In october, we've increase our limit from 10 to 20 and now we're thinking moving backward to 5 because it's very very slow.

It was not that slow in october because at that time we did not changed other parameters. Since then, we've change 2 other parameters into wsgpositionandstatus.dll.config to make sure that mapping information position represent real filed position (we units are moving and crossing streets). 

To be as real time as it can be, we've changed reportintervalms from 2000 to 160000 (that has probably no effect on our priximity monitor)

We've alos changed minimumreportingdistancemeters from 100 to 6... Which means that when a unit is moving, we've and update after each 6 meters. This is causing refresh of our proximity monitor and users, when they are into patrol dashboard, feel like computer is frozen...

Any idea on how we should configure our paramters to make sure mapping is near rela time and patroldashbord works correctly?



RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 211 days ago in response to: jlachance

Report intervals faster than every 2 seconds tend to cause performance issues in MPS.

GPS devices tend to be only accurate to about 10 meters, so a setting of 6 meters could have an impact. Even with a higher setting, the unit position should settle to the final position, i.e. it will "catch up" when the report interval passes and won't be left 100 meters away...

What version of MPS are you running? There was at least one performance fix in the last couple years to the Patrol Dashboard that was not proximity related (if I recall correctly).

As for how you should adjust the settings, it depends on a number of factors like what hardware is in the clients and how many units are being sent to MPS.

Have you restricted the number of sentences coming in from the GPS? If its NMEA, you really only need the RMC sentence. It's best to restrict it at the GPS device itself, but if that's not feasible then set the acceptedSentenceTypes setting.

But you should keep in mind that MPS is not a real time system, it's a situation awareness tool but not intended for instantaneous, high resolution live tracking of units. It's coded in javascript and HTML inside of web browser objects -- they are slow by nature. (I've done hard real-time systems, e.g. a helicopter flight simulator that required 25 ms update rates or the simulation failed to be mathematically accurate and shut itself down. MPS is not like that. :-)  )


RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 211 days ago in response to: Chip Patton

We use MPS 9.3 MR5.

We've slowed our reportinterval because we did not wanted to have a refresh every 2 seconds we the unit is not moving (example traffic light)

We've increase it to 160 seconds so now we got some quick and fast updates only when unit is moving 

I'll take a look what we have related with sentences

Thanks Chip


RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 211 days ago in response to: jlachance

I see. Wasn't sure if the 160000 was what you really meant, but it is. So it may take that long to "catch up" that last reporting distance, or fraction thereof. I.e. you may appear close to your destination after arrival, but off by 0 - 6 meters, then get a final adjustment after the 160 seconds.

If you get jitter with the 6 meter setting you might bump it up a little (e.g. 8 - 12 meters), some GPS devices are more stable than others.

Tweaking it by experimentation with your equipment is the best approach, as you are doing. Bear in mind it won't ever get super fast. Good luck.

RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 211 days ago in response to: Chip Patton

Thanks Chip

From which agency are you coming from?

RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 208 days ago in response to: jlachance

Not sure what you are asking about agency? I work in the Product Center, in Huntsville.

RE: Patrol Dashboard
Posted 207 days ago in response to: Chip Patton

Oh ok.

I thought you were an Hexagon client as we are here


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