DBVHACONN.TXT out of sync between App servers

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Posted on Jun 21, 2017

We found an issue in one of our internal environments after one of our developers was testing token authentication and it failed when being sent through one server and not the other.   We found that the DBVHACONN.txt file on one App server hadnt updated in over a month the files were out of sync between the 2.

DBConfig=ACC_TestAO; Server=vacc93ptdb2; Failover Partner=vacc93ptdb3; Replica3=; Replica4=; Replica5=; LastUpdated=20170518003407UT; LastUpdatedApp=w3wp.exe; LastUpdatedConn=NUL

This was even after we deployed a new customer build on to it and rebooted the server yesterday.  The other App servers DBVHACONN.txt showed a last update of this morning.

DBConfig=ACC_TestAO; Server=vacc93ptdb3; Failover Partner=vacc93ptdb2; Replica3=; Replica4=; Replica5=; LastUpdated=20170622091404AS; LastUpdatedApp=w3wp.exe; LastUpdatedConn=NUL

The db_config settings are identical on both servers

Replica1=vacc93ptdb3; Replica2=vacc93ptdb2; Database=cad; MssHaType=AAG

Because of the out of date file 1 server beliveved replica1 was primary while the other thought replica2 was.  I renamed the file that hadnt updated to get a new one to generate and it has resolved the problem but does anyone know how this can happen?  and how we make sure it doesnt happen again?

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