Upgrading to 10.2.3

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Posted on Oct 24, 2017

We are preparing to upgrade G/Technology, G/NetViewer, and G/MobileViewer to version 10.2.3 on 09 November.

Anyone have comments, suggestions, tips, or stories about a similar upgrade to share that might help us avoid unexpected probroblems?

Thank you.

Bob Moore  

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RE: Upgrading to 10.2.3
Posted on Oct 24, 2017 in response to: bobmoore_1

Bob - why that version?    What are you coming from?   Did you work with implementor?  

Curious, SMUD is working an upgrade as well, but we're not going live until mid-2018 and it will be from version 10.1 sp 3 to version 10.2.4     Also, we're startiing NetWorks.     Tina Eichele    . 

RE: Upgrading to 10.2.3
Posted on Oct 24, 2017 in response to: teichel

We are upgrading from 10.2.0.  When we started, 10.2.2 was the latest greatest, but we encountered a significant issue for us, and we changed to version 10.2.3 because the issue was fixed.  We are doing the upgrade in-house, due to costs.  Help Support has been very helpful.  We originally hoped to be done in June, but encountered numerous issues - some with us and some with the upgrade.  We thought about changing to version 10.2.4 and then version 10.2.5, but we would have to start over, and it is not worth the pain and effort.  We hope to start NetWorks after the upgrade.

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