This is forward thinking but we are heading down the path of AMI/MDM.

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Posted on Jun 20, 2016
  1. Do other utilities using Intergraph and a MDM system (Meter Data Management) generate outage calls to Intergraph via the MDM or do they create them back in the enterprise system (eCIS+) and then route them to iDispatcher?

  2. If other utilities create outage calls from the MDM, how do they handle the close event as it would be a blend of outage calls from smart meters as well as customer calls (service orders) from the enterprise system?

  3. For utilities that have implemented SCADA/DMS, do they integrate Intergraph with the SCADA/DMS system?  More specifically, do they do outage dispatching out of the SCADA/DMS system or Intergraph?  What are the pros and cons of using one or the other for outage management?

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