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Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Hi -  We are new to MPS 9.3 and our officers think the route guidance is too wordy.  Has anyone changed it?  Can it be changed?

They'd really like the instructions to look more like the guidance dashboard with a list containing just a distance, symbol for the maneuver and street name.  This region has the fasting growing community in Canada, therefore lots and lots of new streets and subdivisions. 

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RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 22, 2016 in response to: sbyram

There is some limited ability to adjust these by overriding values in the mobileWsgStrings.xml under the <routeGuidance> tag (including the <maneuverPhrases> tag. Note that some values are for the spoken directions while others are for the textual directions (see comments in the file).

RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 24, 2016 in response to: Chip Patton

Thanks Chip!  I tried to override the maneuverPhrases for "Turn right", both the overriden and the default tags were in the data folder version of mobileWsgStrings.  Only the default was used in the route directions.  Should I file an SR?  MPS 9.3 MR4.

RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 24, 2016 in response to: sbyram

Hmm, it needs a 'replaceSection="1"' on maneuverPhrases and you'll have to override the whole list.

You can actually add that in the override .xml, e.g.:

        <maneuverPhrases replaceSection="1">
          <maneuver provider="Bear right" text="bear right" spoken="bear right" />
          <maneuver provider="Turn right" text="migi" spoken="migi dozo" />
          <maneuver provider="Hard right" text="make a hard right" spoken="make a hard right" />
          <maneuver provider="U turn" text="U turn" spoken="make a U turn" />
          <maneuver provider="Hard left" text="make a hard left" spoken="make a hard left" />
          <maneuver provider="Turn left" text="turn left" spoken="turn left " />
          <maneuver provider="Bear left" text="bear left" spoken="bear left" />
          <maneuver provider="Keep left (unsupported)" text="keep left" spoken="keep left" />
          <maneuver provider="unimpeded through" text="keep centered" spoken="keep centered" />
          <maneuver provider="Straight ahead" text="straight ahead" spoken="straight ahead" />
          <maneuver provider="Stop at" text="stop at" spoken="stop at" />
          <maneuver provider="" text="" spoken="" />

The only one I actually changed is "turn right" (to Tourist Japanese), but I have to supply the whole list. I did try it and it works.

Feel free to file the SR, I'm going to fix it in 9.4 right now.

RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 24, 2016 in response to: Chip Patton

Awesome!  I was even able to put a unicode right arrow in the maneuver.  It's not big enough but maybe I can find a bigger one.

RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in response to: Chip Patton

Thanks again Chip.  I'm able to reduce the wordiness of the instructions and use unicode directional arrows as the maneuvers.  That said, the arrows are quite small so I tried to incorporate images, like the nav images for the guidance dashboard.  Novice me can't figure out how to specify an image in the text XML attribute.  Just asking...

RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in response to: sbyram

Sorry, there's no provision for images in the text directions.

The NavGuidance.htm (the guidance dashboard) does this one turn at a time. I guess they'd like to see the whole set of instructions laid out that way? That would be some pretty heavy customization that might end up broken in a future release.


RE: MPS route guidance
Posted on Aug 26, 2016 in response to: Chip Patton

We are pretty close with cutting back on some of the words!  I think the arrows are too small but we will see what our user group thinks.

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