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Posted on Jul 27, 2016

For the purpose of accessing a series EventArgument....

What is the difference between the MatchingRow.<fieldname> and just the plain <fieldname>, as shown below in the screen snip?

I have never been able to visually see a 'difference' in what they produce. The technical documentation we have on this topic only references how it is used to compare two different series, but its not clear which 'should' be used when simply accessing the field value of the calling event/action.


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RE: MatchingRow.*
Posted on Jul 28, 2016 in response to: bfoss

The MatchingRow.<fieldname> is used when using a row event or filter that is comparing values to another series. When this row event or filter is fired the matching row values from the compared series will have the MatchingRow before all of its field names.


RE: MatchingRow.*
Posted on Aug 11, 2016 in response to: jthomas

Thank you James.

In your example, the available field names changed (are Data* now) when doing a comparison, while in my example they were named exactly the same as the referenced EventArgument series since I was not doing a comparison.

I am thinking that in my example, the 'MatchingRow' options should not have even displayed, but that would be a design choice in the EdgeFrontier system editor/builder.

For now I suppose I will just ignore the 'MatchingRow' options if I am not comparing Series data to another Series.

Thanks for the helpful screensnips.

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