Running multiple RecommendUnitService using different RTE file on one server

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Posted on Feb 11, 2016

At one of our client's we are looking at running RecommendUnit for different agencies using different overrides.  That works fine in general, but I wonder if we can have the different processes using different RTE files for routing.  Not sure if that is possible and where to configure RecommendUnitService to use different routing files if multiple processes run on the same server.

Now that I think of this, if I have multiple routing files (RTE) on the server, which one will RecommendUnitService use?  In CAD I have a choice in the Initiate Router command, but what does RecommendUnitService do at start-up?

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RE: Running multiple RecommendUnitService using different RTE file on one server
Posted on Feb 11, 2016 in response to: muhlenbr

Hello - 

You can definitely run the recommend unit service with different overrides and different agencies being monitored by the individual recommend unit processes running in ISM.  The system administrator help file has the information on how to configure multiple instances of the recommend unit service using different overrides.  

However, I can't find any documented way to set the router file being used by the service.  That leads me to believe that the default ICAD_RoutingNetwork.rte is the file that will be used by the service.  If you need/require different routing files, then you would likely need to run the service on different servers with the proper routing file in place, named to ICAD_RoutingNetwork.rte.  


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