PurgeMSMQSysJournal system replacement

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Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Our initial delivery included an EdgeFrontier system called PurgeMSMQSysJournal. It was necessary in order to make sure that the MSMQ system journal is cleaned out. IFCADDirect and EdgeFrontier use MSMQ for communication so when any of the queues become backed up or if the journal limit is reached then all EdgeFrontier systems can be impacted.

Sometime toward the end of 2015 we were told to turn off the PurgeMSMQSysJournal because something else replaced it. Unfortunately, we didn't recieve written documentation of what replaced it that I'm aware of so now I can't find whatever replaced it.

Our MSMQ journal just reached it's limit so I manually purged it. But I need to know what was supposed to be purging it so that I can go see why that isn't working.



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RE: PurgeMSMQSysJournal system replacement
Posted on Apr 29, 2016 in response to: bwhitezel

One answer I have received was checking the values of two specific locations:

  1. In the IFCADDirect.exe.config file, ensure the value for the key 'UseQJournaling' is set to False.

<add key="UseQJournaling" value="false"/>

  1. In the IFCAD930 (or whatever version you are on) EdgeFrontier system, ensure the Data Output named 'WriteToMSMQ' has a FALSE value set for the "Use Journal Queue:" option.

-Brien Foss

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