Removing old data on a regular basis

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Posted on Sep 16, 2016

We are looking to remove old outage events on a regular basis (whether that is monthly or yearly we aren't sure yet) but I was wondering what other companies have done and if there are any recommendations on what to tables to delete from.  Has anyone had any burnt fingers that would be helpful?  We are currently on the 9.2 database scheme.

Thanks in advanced.  

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RE: Removing old data on a regular basis
Posted on Sep 16, 2016 in response to: editter

We are a 9-1-1 agency and not a utility so it may be somewhat different, but we use the Intergraph DBCopy program in IBackup with the Purge command.  The Purge section lists the tables to purge and we set it for 90 days. Everything is already backed up to the Archive server using the same program, so nothing is lost and we are able to run reports and search for past events.

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