Regenerate Overrides State Processor Paramter

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Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Hi Developers,

We are seeing an issue with State processor and would like to insight in what we can do to resolve it. We do have an SR filed. i wanted a chance to chat with you all one on one.

When state processor starts up (with the regnereate overries paramter in place), in the state processor log we are seeing the delete of records from the oms_overrides table. also noted no records for the devics device status operations device id was written to the oms_network_state_notification table.

What are not seeing is the conductor overrides reinserted back into the oms_overrides table?  Please see the attached example and thanks in advance for providing feedback.

State Processor RegenerateOverrides Command Not Creating Conductor Highlights.xlsx
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RE: Regenerate Overrides State Processor Paramter
Posted on Jul 22, 2016 in response to: rglenn

Good Morning.

Checking to see if anyone saw my post. :-)



RE: Regenerate Overrides State Processor Paramter
Posted on Sep 14, 2016 in response to: rglenn


Sorry for the delayed response, I have not been very good about checking the forum after I post something. We have been actually having the opposite thing happen when we restart State Processor where the system will leave phantom traces on our system that are not connected to the electric map. So if you were to look at the circuit it would look as though it was out of power but if you were to trace the circuit up or place a cut it would function as expected. We have had to go in and manually clean up the Phantom traces that are staying in the system but I wonder if there is something that state processor is picking up/not picking up that we should have a bigger discussion on?


Joel Getz

RE: Regenerate Overrides State Processor Paramter
Posted on Sep 14, 2016 in response to: Joel Getz

Joel, did you add the /regenerateoverrides argument to the StateProcessor in ISM?  I believe we had discussed it, but not sure if you'all implemented yet?  If so, based on what Rose is seeing, it looks like it may actually do a bunch of deletes from the oms_overrides table, and 'may' (fingers crossed) actually help in your specific scenario (and potentially avoid the manual delete process) ...

RE: Regenerate Overrides State Processor Paramter
Posted on Oct 3, 2016 in response to: dcbennet


We did add the /regenerateoverrides argument upon start up of StateProcessor in ISM. Although it did delete quite a few rows from the oms_overrides table, it did bring back several traces and outages we had from 3-4 Map Migrations ago. 

We are going into Dispatcher and looking at each phase on the conductor and making sure that they are either null or have an 'R' in the phase instead of an 'A'.

Use the mslink for the conductor and select * from oms_overrides where mslink = ' '

Then use the set_id and select * from oms_overrdies where set_id = ' '

then if phase_a has a value of 'A' use update oms_overrides set phase_a = 'R' where set_id = ' ' and phase_a = 'A'


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