Action component dropdown list in an EdgeFrontier system is dynamically generated

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Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Hey everyone!

This morning I learned something that I thought would be helpful to share.

The dropdown list in the 'Triggered Action' portion of an 'Action' is dynamic, based upon the components you current have in your system.

For example, the list will grow if you add things such as variables, series, DB writer, DB reader, etc..

I was scratching my head this morning trying to figure out why I couldn't get to certain functions, where I 'could' in other systems. This is why!


This is what you see if you don't have a variable already added to your component list:


This is what you see if you add a few additional components (if only temporary placeholders):


My thoughts:

This dynamic list is helpful in a way that you aren't allowed you use action types that don't directly correspond to an available component. However, this also hides potential options if you are thinking about a design. Sometimes having the full list to display can trigger a better design by presenting the user with an array of options to select from.


-Brien Foss
South Sound 911, Tacoma, WA

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RE: Information Sharing - Things Learned
Posted on Mar 10, 2017 in response to: bfoss

If you can I'd change teh title on this one to reflect the content better.

Thanks for sharing

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