Request for Macro Assistance - Copy Event and Subtype

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Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Since we have added subtypes some macros no longer function.


Our macro is currently not working with new events that have a subtype. When copying the event, such as to CrimeScene or Transport the macro is trying to force a subtype from the original event onto the CRIMESCENE or TRANSPORT event type which doesn't exist.


Use Case: An example is that if a call (DV/IN PROGRESS) needs to be copied over to Crime Scene it will try to create an event (CRIMESCENE/IN PROGRESS) which doesn't exist and it falls back and creates a call with the original call type (DV/In PROGRESS) in a lower prirotity 8 which is for CSU. 


We need help to create a macro that will COPY the event, DV/In Progress, and not have the marco try to crate a new call that is CRIMEScene/In Progress. It should only take the Event Type and not subtype. This is a high priority due to it affecting CSU and TRU functions and our current work around does not generate necessary notifications for dispatch on their pagers or MPS units.


Please assist!

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RE: Request for Macro Assistance - Copy Event and Subtype
Posted on Nov 21, 2017 in response to: pnbelone

Do you have experience with macros? And tracking your command lines (CDCMDKEY) back to the specific macros being used? It may also not be specifically a macro, could just be hardcoded parameters in the CDCMDKEY. I cannot tell from your username who you are or what agency you're from. Feel free to email me direct at travis.enders@cloud5solutions.com

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