Oracle Java Update affecting WebRMS Product Installation

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Oracle Java Update affecting WebRMS Product Installation


The Oracle Java “Server JRE” updates for 8u171 and 8u172 are missing a critical file (jre\bin\javaw.exe) that WebRMS needs to run.


The filenames of the released updates that are affected by the issue are:




Oracle is aware of the issue and will fix it in their next update (8u181 / 8u182).


Other Oracle customers report that the missing executable can be found in the standard JDK 8u171/8u172 delivery.


Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has performed further testing and determined that this Java update CAN be applied to an existing WebRMS installation.


In the case of a new installation or an install /update to the Apache Tomcat software Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure recommends having the “standard” JRE 8u171 installed on the system, and set the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables to include the directory where that package is installed.



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