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Improving the support experience is a top priority.  We hope we have attained this goal.

 Posted: 6/4/2018

Please see KM Web Portal Guide for complete details.

Q: Service Request submission looks different.

A: Changes were made to the Submit Service Request form.  We removed Step 1 and 2 which allowed an option for searching for your answer before submitting.


Q:  Did you update the reporting tool?

A: Yes, there is now an option to send the report directly to your email. 


Q: Were new fields added to the Manage Service Request form?

A: Yes, We added the Customer Reference field, the first name and last name fields.  


Q: Were there changes made to Sub-Status’s of a SR when a CR is associated?

A: Yes. In an effort to clarify the status of a SR associated to a CR we have added new SR sub-statuses.  When a CR is closed, the SR Status will remain as a CR (Defect/Enhancement) and the SR Sub-Status will be updated to reflect the appropriate sub-status.  The support analyst will contact the customer to discuss a course of action prior to closing the SR.

 Below is the list of additional SR Sub-Status’s for SRs associated to CRs:

  •         Fix Available – a product fix is available in a fielded release
  •         Unable to Reproduce – Hexagon could not reproduce the issue ; will require further input
  •         Declined – Hexagon has determined no product change will be made to address this issue
  •         Custom Configuration – issue resolved via configuration change ; no product change required

Q:  How can I change my displayed name?  

A:  Under My User Profile>My Settings; Options, there are 3 different ways to display your public name. 

  •         The Alias field will allow you to set it to whatever you want it to be, such as initials or first name only etc…
  •         Display Name to Public (check box) 
  •         Display Email Address to Public (check box)

Once you make the change click on the Update button in the lower right corner (screenshot below)


*Note:  If you want to use the Alias option, make sure the other 2 options are not checked.


 Q: Did you recently update the survey workflow?

A: Yes.  As a customer you will now receive 2 separate emails after an SR has been Closed or the status has been set to CR-Defect/CR-Filed and/or CR-Enhancement/CR-Filed.  We hope that you would take a few seconds to give us your feedback. By participating in this survey, you make your voice heard and are helping shape the future.

Q:  Were there changes to the Report options?

A: Yes.  We made some minor changes to the Reports view.  Below is a list of the changes:

  • Updated the Filter form to show all fields.  The expand button is no longer available.
  • Made  the Report form more user friendly, all fields are now visible without sliding the bar over.
  • When in the My Reports view added a Refresh button.

**Please see our KM User Guide for more details.

Q:  What browsers are supported by the new KM Support Portal?

A:  Supported browsers:

  • Microsoft IE versions 9,10,11,12

    **Note:The SG&I Knowledge Management support portal is built using modern web standards. We do limited testing for  Internet Explorer (IE) 8 as it is at end of life.  If you are using IE8 there is the possibility that performance could be impacted.

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

Q:  Why are IE8 and IE9 disabled when clicking on the right hand links of the Support Portal?

A:   Due to the limitations of the older browser technology some of the forms under Account information, Submit Service Request, Manage Service Request and View Change Requests will not format correctly.  If these are the only browser versions available to your site, please contact our helpdesk @ 877-822-8921.

Q:  How do we add a new user?

A:  Before logging into the web portal, click on "Not A Registered User?" 

Q:  How are designated contacts updated or deleted from the KM Account Information link?

A:  Under “Account Information” there is an option “Request Account Changes”.  When clicking this link you will be provided with an email address and can email any changes you may have, including deleting and or updating account contact info.

Q:  How can I update my user profile information?

A:  Under “My Settings” there is an option “Request Profile Changes/Updates”.  When clicking this link you will be provided with an email address and can email any changes you may need to make.

Q:  How do you change your password for the site?

A:  Go to My User Profile > My Settings > Change Password. 

  • Your password must contain at least one uppercase letter.
  • Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter.
  • Your password must contain at least one number or punctuation mark.
  • Your password cannot contain any common words or proper names of five or more characters, regardless of the case (upper or lower) of the letter.
  • Your password cannot contain invalid characters (spaces, tabs, accented letters, etc.).
  • Your password must be between eight and fifteen characters in length.

Q:  Did you recently update the search function from the Downloads tab?

A: Yes.  We had many requests from customers who wanted a search function by a certain document “type”.   From the Support Home page please read the article ‘Something New for our Customers!’  

Q: Can we have more than 1 customer email address?

A: Yes.  We added an alternate email field for those who would like SR emails routed to a group.  You will find the field in My User Profile>My Settings tab.  There are additional instructions on the Support home page ‘Something New for our Customers!’

Q:  What is changing in the new KM site and what does it mean for me?

A:  Intergraph’s goal is to give the customer a better experience and greater functionality.  Therefore, the following areas have been improved.

  • The following support sites and information can now be found in 1 location.
  • Updated online Service Request information and submission.
  • Possibly find your answer before submitting the SR.
  • Add attachments while creating the SR.
  • View open and closed SR’s easily.
  • Review contacts at each site.
  • New natural language search interface.


Q:  How does the new search function work?

A:  Natural language search attempts to use natural language processing to understand the nature of the question and then to search and return a subset of the web that contains the answer to the question.  It uses a complex algorithm that takes into account factors such as the number of documents that include your search terms and the number of times those terms appear in each document.  Results will have a higher relevance than results from a keyword search engine, which matches your search criteria exactly to documents in the collection.

Note: Date restrictions, fielded searching, Boolean connectors such as AND and OR, and wildcard characters such as ! and * are not valid in natural language searches.


Q:  How do I use the Knowledge Search?

A:  Enter only a string in the left box (get results)

      Enter only a product in the right box (get results)

      Enter a string and a product (get results)


Q:  What are filters?

A:  Filters are the categories of the articles that your search returned.


Q:  Why does the number of articles returned differ from the number listed beside the filter?

A:  When you see counts on the filters on the left hand side of the search, and then notice that they ‘change’ when you re-filter, or click into a filter, reducing the count shown, this is a known ‘feature’ of the search engine that we use.  The count that shows on the filters is from the initial pass of the search engine counting all the possible choices of results for that filter.  This gives you as a user a great indication of the right filter to choose based on relative counts for each filter. The search engine uses several additional algorithms to increase search result relevancy.  This is the reason you will see the filter counts reduce on occasion or will see a larger number than the number of results you are actually shown.

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of articles returned in the Results when searching?

A:  Yes, 40 articles is the most that will be returned in 1 search

Q:  When I click on the Manage Service Request link the page comes up blank.

A:  This is due most likely to an update pushed for our site.  Please clear your browser cache. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us.


Q:  Will I be allowed to submit an email to open a new SR?

A:  In order to provide the best support, Intergraph customers may either use the KM Web Portal or phone the Intergraph SG&I Product Support Helpdesk to open a new SR.


Q:  I don’t recognize the account name listed.  What should I do?

A:  Please contact the Intergraph SG&I Product Support Helpdesk by phone.  They will help to resolve the issue.


Q:  I don’t see the correct product information under the Maintenance tab.  What should I do?

A:  All active entitlements should display.  If you do not see the correct products or any products it may mean the agreement has lapsed and the new agreement is not in place.  If you feel there is an issue, please contact the Intergraph SG&I Product Support Helpdesk by phone.


Q:  Is there a size limit on attachments when submitting an SR?

A:  There isn’t a cut off, but it is recommended that the file be no larger than 100mb.  If it is a large file please use the File Catalyst option (please see instructions on the support home page to access the application).


Q: Can we see the total # of SR's on the page rather than having to page thru to the end to see the total?

A:  Some customers may have potentially 1000s of SRs. When the system builds the record page indicator it uses various SQL paging technology to return only the first 20 records. If it had to parse through all the records to get a count the wait time to see the first 20 records could be upwards of a minute or more. Oracle recommends to not change the system to display a full record count for performance reasons.


Q:  Why does my search criteria disappear from the Knowledge Search box?

A: We have updated the Knowledge Search box to keep the last entry when you click off the search box.


 Q: It would be good if the user could create a personalized view of the interface so that column size and sorting could be the same each time they go there.

A: It is now possible to reorder the columns, but it will not allow you to save it.  We have submitted a request to Oracle for this issue.

Q: Why don't I have the links on the right hand side of the web portal, such as Submit Service Request?

A: This is a security setting.  Your access has been limited.  If you feel you should have access please contact us.


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