Reprise Ports and Firewalls


Sometimes it is desirable for a license server to be behind a firewall. Reprise licensing supports this, but there is a small amount of configuration that must be performed.

If there is an active firewall on the license server node which is not allowing the software to check out a license, you must use a fixed port for the ISV Server by putting a port=<port number> on the ISV line. Without this designation, the port floats and the operating system chooses a port. The port chosen will be a different one every time RLM starts up unless you specify the fixed port. Note: You may not use port 5054 because 5054 is the RLM Web Server Port, not the ISV Server Port.


  1. Locate your license (.lic) file(s) in the C:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing\server directory on the license server.

  2. Open the license file using Notepad++ or WordPad so you can edit the license file vendor line.

  3. Pick a port for the ISV server. It needs to be a port that is not in use for anything else on the license server system. We recommend using a port in the 4xxxx range as we do not know of anything else that is using this series.

  4. Lock the ISV server port on the ISV line to your desired port using the following syntax.

    1. ISV intergraph port=4xxxxx (where 4xxxxx is a number you select)

  5. Save the license file(s).

  6. Configure your firewall to allow access to the ISV port number (the 4xxxxx), main-RLM-server-port# (5053) and the RLM Web Server Port (5054).

  7. Make sure the ports are open for both TCP IP and UDP access

  8. Open the Intergraph License Manager on the license server.

  9. Perform a Start/Stop on the license service.

    1. Select the service listed under the License Sources

    2. Click the Server tab and then Stop License Service

    3. Click the Server tab and then Start License Service

Start any of the licensed software on a client machine to confirm whether or not the license checkout succeeds now that the ports are configured.


Reprise Ports and Firewalls
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