Reprise Failover Licensing


A failover license file is a license file that is loaded on a secondary server that will take over licensing when the primary server has gone down.


To request a Reprise failover license, send an email to with Reprise Failover License Request in the email subject field. Please include the below information in the email body.

  • Attach a copy of the primary server’s license file. If you would like for licensing to activate the primary server licenses, we will need to either have the .aky file or each activation key, quantity of licenses for each product to be activated and the Host ID of the primary server.

  • Server name of the primary server.

  • Server name of the failover server.

  • Host ID of failover server.

HSI licensing will generate your failover license file and email it back. When you receive the failover license file, do the following to install your failover license server.

  • Install the Intergraph License 17.00 administration tool on the failover server. You can download the Intergraph License 17.00 administration tool by going to

  • On the failover server, import the failover license file and all license files from the primary server into the Intergraph License Manager.

  • Ensure the client machine(s) sees the failover license server’s license file.

NOTE: when using failover servers, there cannot be a firewall between the two servers.

During the time that the failover server is serving the licenses, no roaming operations are permitted on the licenses.

This is done to prevent customers from abusing roaming. If roaming was allowed in a failover scenario, it would be possible for customers to double their number of licenses by artificially creating a failover scenario and getting a second set of roamed licenses from the failover server.